Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Women Entrepreneurs in Real Estate

In India, with the changing trends in Real Estate and the market becoming more organized and professionally driven, it is surely one of the few sectors that has recently seen an increase in the involvement of women in the trade. To what earlier looked like a man’s world now has women tapping and excelling in the varied business opportunities that this lucrative sector offers. 

Back in 2009, when we got RE/MAX to India, it was the Vice Chairman of the company, Ms. Saloni Chopra who was instrumental in making the Chairman, Mr. Sam Chopra take the leap of faith and today after 6 successful years of RE/MAX in India, Saloni has surely set a benchmark for other women entrepreneurs in the business who independently own and operate their Real Estate business with RE/MAX. It is with great pleasure that we would like to share that RE/MAX has always encouraged to break the glass ceiling that prevents women entrepreneurs from entering into Real Estate. We have been successful in building an army of women Real Estate professionals who represent our brand at different levels like Regional Owners, Broker Owners and Broker Associates. Starting from Manpreet Grewal, who used to head the India operations of RE/MAX to Monika Patni who has been an award winning Broker Owner and now heading Regional operations of one of our regions, RE/MAX has been a breeding ground for female professionals who have gained recognition and respect in the field of Real Estate and are emerging as future leaders by guiding and mentoring their fellow associates as well.

RE/MAX opens a variety of platforms that helps women entrepreneurs to successfully run their Real Estate business more professionally, independently and more over with flexible working hours. With RE/MAX Affiliates like Shreya Mody, Ila Pachuri, Manisha Mehta, Bhoomika Kiri, Nethra Quadros to name some, RE/MAX women entrepreneurs have been the change agents helping our clients by being Real Estate Consultants to all their requirements. We have always felt that in addition to all the knowledge and skill-set required to excel in the field work of Real Estate, women entrepreneurs define their own success with their characteristic traits like empathy, quick decision making, time-management, multi-tasking and dedication.

Real Estate is a business of trust and relationship building and with regards to the same; we think it’s easy for anyone to believe in females more than their male counterparts. Moreover, the decision of buying a home is majorly dominated by the women in the house and the men come into picture when it comes to the financial part of the transaction. So when a women only decides on “what to buy”; “where to buy”; “how should it look like”, women realtors definitely have an edge over men realtors in presenting the better services. In RE/MAX, women entrepreneurs have not only been successful at the front-end positions but have also been instrumental in the success stories of their better halves. The husband-wife duo has always been a success at RE/MAX and we have numerous examples within our own network that can justify the same.

Real Estate as a profession has a myriad of opportunities that opens doors to incredible earning opportunities and with structure and professionalism making wave in the Indian Real Estate market, we are very much sure that these new winds of change will not only boost the confidence of our existing women entrepreneurs but will also encourage other budding women entrepreneurs to pave their way into the business. RE/MAX always welcomes women entrepreneurs who look forward to break these barriers and be the change makers in this male dominated profession. 

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