Thursday, 18 February 2016

The customer service philosophy

Real Estate is a people’s business and a Real Estate purchase is one of the costliest purchase a person makes in his/her lifetime. In real estate, a good customer service can really help to set you apart as a realtor. Even if we think generally, we all love to receive good service wherever we go and in fact we appreciate good service so much that we all like to show it, talk about it and promote it when we receive it. Buying, selling, leasing of Real Estate are amongst the most hectic events in life and no matter how many times have you done that, it comes out as a different situation every time. Every buyer and seller comes with a unique set of challenges and it is very important for a realtor to understand them and deal with them. The philosophy to deal with it is very simple. It is always about the clients and what your client needs from you. A realtor needs to figure out the best ways to service those needs and provide the best services that will help to develop a long term relationship with your clients. Any approach that you follow should be customer centric and should follow the need based approach. To do that your knowledge not only about Real Estate but about anything starting from an update on the market to advice on the impact documentation on your client’s home value will be helpful.  Identify the best practices, create systems and processes for everything, train and up-skill yourself and make use of the latest tools and technology to give the best in what you are doing. We need to understand that in Real Estate your starting point is your client and his/her need.  

In our Real Estate career we have seen a lot of successful agents and it is surprising that they don’t do the business in the same manner. But at the same time, they have one thing in common and it’s that their clients love them. They know their business very well and they are skilled in doing what they do and thus they give their customers a great experience. In RE/MAX, we feel so proud when we read some lovely client testimonials that our associates receive because of the great service that they provide them. This is when we realized that the only way to set you apart from the competition is CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not only you build a strong bond with them but also you make them your customers for lifetime. As a matter of fact, researches show that while there are only 15-20% of chances to sell to a new prospect, there is 60-70% probability to sell to your existing customers. A good transactional service brings you more clients, through repeat business, referrals, testimonials, reputation both online and through word-of-mouth.  Real Estate has a great potential and customer service goes far beyond simply understanding what the client needs. Starting from a simple thing like a response time to something as important as documentation, customer service includes everything that a Real Estate consultant needs to take care in a home buying/selling process.   

We are in an age where the customer gives more focus on to value and also rewards the great service that you provide them. As veterans in Real Estate we need educate our associates on how to give great service. As a Real Estate consultant you have many roles to play. Whenever you meet a potential seller or a buyer it is your knowledge and skills that help you win your clients to work with you exclusively. A good customer service is when your client feels the trust and confidence in you. Real Estate industry runs on a long term relationship and the customer service skills is one of the key differentiating factor that helps to build your brands image and make sales more effective

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