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Training in Real Estate

RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate (RARE) run by RE/MAX India, the Indian Master Franchise of RE/MAX, which is recognized as one of the world’s leading franchisors of Real Estate brokerage services, started in 2009. With an aim of professionalizing the Real Estate industry by providing world class training to Real Estate Agents, RARE provides all kinds of training which gives Agents an opportunity to earn National as well as International designations. Believing strongly in the fact that a Doctor with a MBBS degree has more credibility in comparison to a self proclaimed Doctor without an MBBS degree, RARE conducts various designation courses which can be used by an Agent in all their self promotion activities. Designations in Real Estate that can help an Agent give better service to the end customer and can also help in building a credible image of the Agent in the customers mind.
Some examples of the courses that are run by RARE are the “The Agent Training program”, ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative – A course that teaches the art of how to become a Real Estate Consultant to a Buyer), CRS (Certified Residential Specialist – A course that teaches the A to Z of residential sales) etc.

The flagship course of RARE, “The Agent Training Program” gives a Real Estate Agent an opportunity to undergo various certification levels over a continued period of time. It aims to inspire a new enthusiasm in its participants; a desire to explore new avenues and concepts that can improve a Real Estate Agents’ understanding of the opportunities in the Real Estate sector. The Agent Training program has various certification levels like the Agent Management Training, Follow up Agent Training, Continuing Agent Training program etc. From training on topics like basics & documentation in Real Estate, lead generation & marketing, taxation in Real Estate, land laws, market mapping, exclusive mandates to gaining International designations; the Agent training program is the ideal concoction of what an Agent requires to become successful in this lucrative industry.

 The need for skill development in the real estate sector

With Real Estate being the 2nd largest contributor to the country’s’ GDP and also the second largest employment generator in the country, there is an acute need to organize this unorganized industry which has and always will have enormous potential and the only way to do that will be to introduce training and make certification and gaining a license to practice Real Estate mandatory.

Take a look at other industries, even when an employee joins a new organization, he needs to undergo training in his new role before he actually starts his job, a doctor needs to undergo an extensive training for a period of 5 years, even a lawyer needs to undergo extensive training and then pass a BAR exam in order to start practicing, the same applies to even the Insurance Agents wherein they have to comply with the IRDA rules. Then why is it so different for people in Real Estate? Why don’t customers in Real Estate get an opportunity to get service from professionally trained Real Estate Agents?

With a change in the age group of customers investing in Real Estate from what it was earlier wherein the 40+ age group was investing to what it is today where the 25+ are making investments in this sector, the sector is now witnessing an acute requirement for well trained professional Real Estate Consultants who we like to refer to as the “New Age Broker”. Also, with the advent of technology use in Real Estate, customers are now looking at an easy and convenient real estate experience for which training in Real Estate has become a need.

It is this very need coupled with the fact that we now see a lot of individuals from other sectors wanting to join the Real Estate industry which is the second largest employment generator in the country that has given way to real estate education and skill development gaining prominence.

The day that Training & Skill development in Real Estate is done at a larger scale and becomes a mandatory part of our industry, that day the Real Estate Brokerage profession will gain the status of a sought after professional career which will be seen in the same light as other careers like Medicine, Law, Engineering etc.
In the absence of regulation and training in this industry which offers huge potential to everybody, a comprehensive training program with a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge is the need of the hour and the training programs of RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate will address this very need.

 The employment options and other benefits for people who undergo training.

Training sessions like the ones that RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate runs are open to everybody and are aimed at up skilling the status of the Real Estate industry at large. The beauty of the Real Estate industry is this that there are a variety of profiles to choose from in a Brokerage house as well as at Developers. From sales to marketing to becoming an entrepreneur in Real Estate, the options are unlimited and the best part is this there is no cap on your earning potential. Education in the Real Estate industry is in the interest of every stakeholder whether it is the Developer, Broker or the Customer. From ensuring better service to the customer, helping an Agent reduce his/her learning period and helping them give better service leading to repeat and referral business for them to helping Developers deal with the educated and professional Brokers, the overall impact of education in Real Estate will lead to a better image of the industry as a whole.

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