Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Skills for a Realtor in avoiding common home buying mistakes

Buying a home is one of the major financial transactions that an individual makes in his/her lifetime and it should be a very pleasant experience for them. At one time when the buyer is very excited about the new home he is buying; at the same time it can become a very complicated process. A buyer encounters a lot of questions and it is very important that all these questions are addressed to help him in making a more confident decision. This is where the skills and the experience of a realtor come to play. Right from assistance in helping them defining their objective of the purchase to deciding the amount that should be spent in the whole process, a good realtor should dedicate his time and energy in streamlining all these process for the buyer.

What looks simple actually involves a lot of research, preparation and a lot of pre – planning. With the Internet acting as a one-stop shop for all the queries and information that the buyer wants, it is a fact that it cannot replace the experience and the trustworthiness that a Realtor carries with himself. In India, Real Estate is more of a local game and in such markets relying on a realtor who is an expert of that local market will not only protect you from falling into various pitfalls but will also save a lot of money, time and various other resources that get involved in the process. As RE/MAX, to ensure that our Associates have all this knowledge, we train them on various aspects and developments happening in their local markets so that they are able to best serve their clients.
As new home buyers, we get easily influenced and even mislead sometimes and thus end up making mistakes that are not reversible. On the other hand, a realtor will ensure that he does every possible negotiation that will be of best financial interests to you and help you to buy the right property at the right price. The home buying process simply doesn’t end when you find your dream home. In fact the process just starts after that. The legal aspects and the documentation involved have to be dealt very carefully and by an expert as they can have major long term implications. A realtor with a knowledge and update on the latest and ever-changing rules and regulations in Real Estate can simplify the entire process for you.

The kind of research and analysis that is done by a realtor serves as a guiding factor to the buyers during this important journey.  Right from understanding the requirements of the buyers to doing all the comparative analysis to final down your dream home, a realtor’s skills prevent you from making mistakes that will end up wasting your hard earned money. We am very much supportive of this beautiful quote by Warren Buffett, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. As a Realtor, it is our duty to make the Real Estate transactions successful and of value to your investment. 

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