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Congratulations RE/MAX India on completing 4 Successful years..

Congratulations RE/MAX India on completing 4 Successful years. Thanks to all our Affiliates for their support.

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What drives a real estate brokerage business?


Inventory: The lifeline of a real estate brokerage business is the inventory that an agent has to offer to the real estate customer. When a person walks into a real estate property and he finds good number of options of matching properties, he goes back satisfied and happy.

Personal Time: Without giving personal time into the business, it is impossible to expect the real estate business to grow. The fact remains that the real estate is still bought because of relationship building process that an agent carries out with his customers. Without giving it full time, it is impossible to succeed in the real estate brokerage business.

Trust: Building trust is very important to get more clients. It is very important that real estate consultants take their business in a way that they are looking to do it for multiple transactions in the year and not just for 1 or 2 transactions in the year.

Technology: The thrust on the use of technology to increase the buyers considering your property has never been so big.  People use technology to manage their operations, scale it up and then also look at it to list properties and market them in various platforms and channels. Technology has played an important role in the Real Estate Brokerage Business whether it be a Smartphone/Tablet for viewing property listings, an Application Platform to list the properties or the automated mail alerts for buyers/sellers.

Expectations from a Real Estate Agent

RE/MAX Agents

Buyer expects the following things from a Real Estate Agent

1. Choice: When a buyer goes into a real estate broker’s office – the single biggest thing that he expects is more inventory. He wants a choice of homes from which he can select which one is best suited to his needs, wants, concerns and requirements.

2. Agent’s Time: A buyer expects the agent to give more of his time to him since for him it is the single biggest transaction of his life. He expects the real estate agent to leave all work and focus on the transaction on hand.

3. Right Guidance: As a buyer, a person expects the Real Estate Agent to know far more about property & transaction than he himself and so he expects the right guidance to come from the buyer.

4. Saving of his time: The profile of today’s real estate buyer is changing. His decision making is fast and he expects things to move faster as he has become impatient. Looking into this, he expects the agent to do all the possible homework for him enabling him to do the transaction faster. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

Sam Chopra Wins the "Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2012" - Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Association (Enterprise Asia)

Best Real Estate Consultancy Company - 2012

RE/MAX India winner of "Best Real Estate Consultancy Company" Award for the year 2012 by Brands Academy at the NDTV Profit ASEAN-SAARC Real Estate Awards 

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4th RE/MAX Realty Rendezvous in GOA !!

For More Details, Please contact or call at 9873609155

RE/MAX is India's Largest Real Estate Brokerage Network

Joining RE/MAX is a life altering decision. A decision that will change your life for good. You could become a Broker Associate, a Broker Owner or a Master Regional Franchise and become a premier member of the global Real Estate brokerage community.

• The backbone of the system and the face of RE/MAX in the market
• He/she takes home the maximum major share of the profits and pays a nominal desk fee
• Owns a Broker Office and incurs minimal operational cost
• Recruits & Retains Broker Associates who form the sales team of the office
• Charges desk fee from associates and also earns a substantial part of the commission
• Earns profit on volumes: more the number of associates, more the profits
• RE/MAX has 37 regions in India
• 22 are operational while 15 open for sale
• A Regional Franchise owner also earns profits on volumes: more the number of Broker Offices and Broker Associates in his/her region, more the profits

If you are looking for a property in India, check it from Thousands of property listings on our website If you have a property to sell, you can get advised by our experienced brokers in your city. All you need to do is to search for a RE/MAX Agent near your locality from our website and contact him directly for your Real Estate needs.
Business with a difference. The unique RE/MAX organization structure is designed to make maximum profits reach those who deserve it the most. It is an inverted pyramid, in terms of money share, as opposed to a conventional pyramid of any business organization which essentially means that in a regular company 90% of the profits stay with the top brass whereas at RE/MAX it is exactly the opposite. Here, maximum income is retained at the Franchise-Broker level; only the balance 10% is passed on upwards in the hierarchy. It is the Broker Office and the agents working in it who will take home maximum commissions and profits.

* Type REMAX and send it to 53456 to join the India's Largest Real Estate Brokerage Network.