Tuesday, 7 March 2017

25 Fundamental Activities for RE/MAX Broker Associate

25 Fundamental Activities for RE/MAX Broker Associate

“The most common business mistake is not doing the obvious.” Darren Hardy

  1.     ..      Be an expert in your market and your industry.

  • 2. Have a theme for your marketing, dedicate yourself to getting to know something; differentiate yourself from the competition. What do you do that makes clients remember you?
    3.       Be a “fanatic” investing your time efficiently. Dedicate your time to activities that produce money and don’t do what doesn’t produce income. Work at least 8 hours a day and don’t waste your time.
    4.       Maintain an updated database of clients and connections.
    5.       Contact the people in your database monthly. Ask for referrals explicitly; enthusiastically thank your connections when they send you a referral.
    6.       Dedicate two hours a day to proactively seeking new clients.
    7.       Always maintain an updated brochure explaining your services.
    8.       Always use the RE/MAX brand.  It is the best real estate brand in the world and you are a part of it.
    9.       Participate in RE/MAX events (nationally and internationally).
    10.   Each month, estimate the probability (%) of selling each property you have listed. Have the owners lower the price when necessary.
    11.   Each month, estimate the probability (%) of buying for each buyer you are working with. Focus on your serious buyers and ask them for exclusivity in working on the purchase with you
    12.   Have monthly and annual goals, and develop a plan of action to achieve them. Find a coach that demands you keep focused on said goals.
    13.   Make sure you have a minimum for how many properties and buyers you add each month.
    14.   Dedicate two hours a week to studying Global Training materials and Mainstreet
    15.   Have a personal development culture (“to be” is more important than “to do”). Develop the habit of  reading, including re-reading certain fundamental books every now and again.
    16.   Make sure each of your properties is updated on each website you use.
    17.   Contact a RE/MAX colleague outside of your office every three months (a new person each time). Develop your own RE/MAX network.
    18.   Maintain an active online marketing strategy. This should include your office/personal site, blog, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
    19.   Keep track of these performance indicators on a monthly basis: number of new listings (current as compared to those acquired over the course of the month), number of contracts (acquired during the month), number of buyers that you are working with and number of transactions (monthly and annually).
    20.   Celebrate the accomplishments, birthdays, and anniversaries of your clients
    21.   Analyze your finances monthly. Get to know your income, spending, and savings.
    22.   Save 10% of each commission you earn.
    23.   Give 10% of your earnings to your community. What goes around comes around.
    24.   Charge what your services are worth. Don’t discount your fees. Stand your ground. Learn to negotiate.
    25.   Offer top quality service, impress your clients, always go the extra mile for them.