Friday, 22 July 2016

Studio apartments

Studio apartment...why they are becoming popular among homebuyers, especially among the young generation

A studio Apartment is a relatively new concept and is gaining popularity in the urban cities of the country. As the urban population continues to grow, with the increasing number of nuclear families and single working professionals, the demand for these studio apartments has risen tremendously. There are its own pros & cons of living studio style.

 Especially at a time when the prices of the regular apartments are sky rocketing, these studio apartments are small, self contained and affordable. These units are way cheaper than the regular apartments. They also have a very negligible maintenance cost. Mostly these apartments are fully furnished; hence they reduce the cost and the burden of setting up your house needs is almost eradicated.  Today, the corporate office job takes the maximum day time of the person and he/she spends majority time in the office, they hardly have time for the household chores and maintenance.  Keeping this in mind, these apartments have come as a boon to the society and their demand is growing exponentially. With the growing demand, still the units available in the market are far less. This has also led to people buying studio apartment as second home and further renting it to bachelors or nuclear families. There was a time when one would aspire to own a well spacious house overlooking a lush green park or a pool. But today a person looks for a compact space all because of the nuclear family trend.  Over a period of time, studio style living has gained popularity amongst bachelors and working professionals. Developers have tapped onto this opportunity and have options in cities like Pune, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.  Studio apartments are already prevalent in international cities like Toronto, Singapore New York etc.

In short, Studio apartments simply out together are a much smarter way of living especially for single working professionals or newlywed couples. 

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